*Natural Harmony*

MudWood is a representation and reflection of Harmony. The Mud and the Wood meet with Amira Mudfaery Nadira and Jo Barlow Wood. Natural Harmony. Vocal harmonies blend together like locks of fleece in a felt to create a rich fabric of almost tactile quality. These harmonies dance with the warm strings of the Guitar and Harp. The beating heart is the Udu, an African clay pot drum accompanied by the watery Tabla Dayan and finger-styles of the Darbuka. The whole being, living breathing, and singing is MudWood. MudWood is a wonder-filled team that share in the joys of co-creation with creative, collaborative projects. Beautiful and unique vocal harmonies, enchanting guitar and harp, warm and earthy hand percussion and other bits and pieces. Coupled with powerful song writing and meaningful lyrics, MudWood is a wonderful duo of original songs, unique sound, and creative music. Jo and Amira are partnered together in life and in music, spreading the love of both around the globe.



I can hear the ocean roar,

Waves crashing on the shore,

And I wanna go there,

Stand like lovers,

Bare feet in the sand,

Holding each other,

Through the shifting sands of time,

Trough the turning of the tides,

We the ties that bind,

I’m yours and you’re mine,

I’m yours and your mine.

I’ve never fell,

In a love like this



I can hear the forest whisper,

Sweet nothings in my ear

And as I stop to listen

The meanings clear,

Sew a seed of love,

Let it grow,

On that tree of love,

Love will show,

Love will show.

I’ve never fell,

In a love like this